Smurfs’ Village now available in Canadian App Store

Looking forward to doing your best impersonation of FarmVille with Brainy, Jokey and Smurfette? If you live in Canada, you can start rebuilding Smurfs’ Village right now!

Social games often launch in Canada first, but we honestly weren’t expecting this one to follow suit. With a previously announced launch window of late November and Capcom’s other recent social game Lil’ Pirates going straight to international release, a Canadian pit stop for The Smurfs has honestly taken us by surprise.

Oh well – with late November fast approaching, it may only be a matter of days before we see this one hit App Store’s around the world, and then we’ll all be humming The Smurfs theme song together.

If you live in Canada and want to get in on the action, click here to download Smurf’s Village for free.

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