Smell this game and buy it

Mood Media has announced a partnership to launch a casual game offering through retail stores. Specifically, they are working with Big Fish Games to sell 10 of their games and target the elusive women 30 to 45 year old demographic at retail, including the Mystery Case Files series.

That’s nice but what I found interesting is what Mood Media does. Mood Media describes itself as “a leading in-store media specialist that uses a mix of music, visual, and scent media to help clients communicate with consumers with a view of driving incremental sales at the point of purchase.”

Sound, I get. Many times I walk into Abercrombie & Finch, hear the techno blasting, and say, I must have that pair of $100 jeans with rips in it to be cool at school. But smell? Does that really make one want to buy a game?

And what does Mystery Case Files smell like? Is it perfume (which makes me want to take money out of my wallet) or musty (which is more true to the game environment, but may not be appealing)? Or, maybe it’s chocolate, since who does not like chocolate?

What sound and smell would make you want to buy at hidden object game at your local Walmart?

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