Slayaway Camp now free to download on iOS and Android


Much loved puzzler Slayaway Camp is now free to download on iOS for a limited time. You could say that it has had its price…slashed. Get it?

Slayaway Camp


Anyway. This is the first time the game has gone free, and that’s definitely something to celebrate. On the surface it’s a sliding block puzzle title, but it’s a bit more than that.

Mainly as it sees you playing as a killer who has to work out the best route with which to slay your victims. There are (probably) annoying teens, policemen, and various other characters to butcher.

There are over 140 levels to work your way through, and things gets seriously tricky before the end. It certainly shows a lot more ingenuity than your average modern day slasher film. Not that that’s hard, but still.

The horror, the horror

You can experience Slayaway Camp by downloading it for free via the App Store and Google Play. What are you waiting for?

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