Six ways to get your game show fix on Facebook

If you’re a fan of game shows, then you know that one of the main problems with them is that they’re on during the day. For those of us with a nine-to-five, this means that we’re often forced to miss episodes of The Price is Right or Family Feud. But fear not! As long as you can sneak in a bit of Facebook time at work there are plenty of ways to enjoy your favorite game shows. Here are six of our favorites.

Wheel of Fortune – The Wheel of Fortune formula has remained virtually unchanged for decades, so it’s fitting that the Facebook iteration of the game stays so close to the source material. You get to spin the wheel, choose letters, guess words and phrases, and, of course, win prizes.

Not on Facebook? You can still get a spin at the virtual wheel with the download and iPhone versions of the game.

Deal or No Deal – While it’s missing much of the drama that makes the show so fun to watch, Deal or No Deal on Facebook is still largely faithful to the show, making it a great game for fans. You’ll still have to go against the odds to get the biggest paying suitcase, all the while being tempted by the banker’s ever-increasing offers. And you can do it all without having to listen to Howie Mandel.

Not on Facebook? You can also try Deal or No Deal: Vegas Gold on iPhone.

Jeopardy – The ultimate trivia show, Jeopardy is faithfully represented on Facebook. The questions are challenging and rarely repeat, and the show’s trademark format is impeccably reproduced. In fact, this just might be the best video game version of Facebook around.

Not on Facebook? There’s also a downloadable game called Jeopardy 2.

Family Feud – Who doesn’t love the Feud? Not only is it entertaining to watch two families battle it out, but the survey responses are frequently good for a lauch. And thankfully the Facebook version looks, feels, and plays just like the TV show.

Not on Facebook? There’s also the downloadable games Family Feud: Dream Home and Family Feud: Online Party.

The Price is Right – The legendary Bob Barker may be retired, but that doesn’t make us love The Price is Right any less. From plinko to the showcases, it’s possibly the best game show of all time. And though some of that is lost in the translation to Facebook (mostly because of the fact that you can’t actually win any of the cool prizes) it’s still plenty of fun guessing prices and playing mini-games.

Not on Facebook? You can also play the game on your iPhone or PC/Mac.

Who Wants to be a Millionaire? – This is the game that ushered in the current era of high-intensity game shows. And the original is still the best. Though Regis is nowhere to be found, the Facebook game manages to capture the feel of the television show thanks to some polished visuals and a seemingly never-ending supply of challenging questions. You may not be able to win a million bucks, but you can at least have some fun.

Not on Facebook? You can also get your fix on the iPhone.

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