Six reasons why you should check out Legend: Rising Empire from NetEase Games


Legend: Rising Empire is the new game from NetEase Games, and has arrived on both iOS and Android devices this week. We’ll be taking a look at six reasons why you should be interested in this medieval adventure below.

Sprawling story There’s a lot of story to get your teeth into here, with the game being set in the fictional medieval kingdom of Favilla – a land that teems with ambitious lords who are out to gain a place on the throne.

Choose your path Not entirely unlike a choose your own adventure book Legend: Rising Kingdom allows you a good amount of freedom in who you want to become. You can either wreck every kingdom you see and attempt to dominate the land – or be a bit more subtle and work alongside the current monarch to help maintain peace across the kingdom. It’s completely up to you.

A huge army In order to do things you need an army, and Legend: Rising Empire isn’t shy in handing over a significant range of units for you to achieve this. There’s cavalry, infantry, archers, thieves, and siege weaponry – and you can have over 200 units under your rule at once.

Build it up Besides your army there’s a range of options when it comes to building up your actual kingdom. You can build castles, dwellings, bakeries, sawmills, farms, and mines – there are 40 building types and all are essential in creating a bustling community.

Attendant system If the above sounds a bit too complicated then don’t worry – there’s an attendant system in place to help you out. These are followers that you can recruit – and they then assist you in terms of building up your kingdom, giving your lord attribute bonuses, and offering new skills in battle. Handy.

Join alliances Legend: Rising Empire also features an Alliance system that grants players the ability to cooperate across the world. Making these allies helps you to grow your empire through trades and so on.

So why not check out Legend: Rising Empire for yourself right now via the App Store and Google Play. There’s the game’s official Facebook page to visit too.

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