Six Gun Galaxy developer KlickNation acquired by EA

KlickNation, the developer behind games like Six Gun Galaxy and Age of Champions, has been acquired by Electronic Arts and will now be part of the BioWare team.

The studio will now be known as BioWare Sacramento and will join Dragon Age Legends developer BioWare San Francisco, previously known as EA2D, as a new unit dubbed BioWare Social. No projects have been announced, but the new social unit will be developing role playing games designed for social networks utilizing EA and BioWare’s existing line-up of franchises. BioWare’s next two games are the MMO Star Wars: The Old Republic and the console RPG Mass Effect 3.

“The new BioWare Social unit will bring BioWare and EA franchises to the growing audience of core gamers who are looking for high quality, rich gameplay experiences on social platforms,” BioWare’s GM and senior VP Dr. Ray Muzyka said.

“Joining with BioWare and EA is an opportunity to realize our vision for bringing high-quality RPG titles to the fast-growing, highly-engaged core gamers looking for deeper experiences on social platforms,” added Klicknation founder Mark Otero, now general manager of BioWare Social.

KlickNation also developed Starship Command and Superhero City.

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