Simogo Announces The Sailor’s Dream, a ‘Challenge Free’ Game

By Steven Strom |

“Inside every knickknack left behind is a treasure trove of memories and stories filled with joys and sorrows.” I don’t know what that means, but given that it’s the opening line in the trailer for Simogo’s new game – The Sailor’s Dream – I’m willing to find out.

thesailorsdream_screen_07[1]The developers behind Device 6 and Year Walk became nothing short of my favorite mobile developers in a very short time. That’s thanks in part to just how quickly they can turn games around.

According to the game’s website, The Sailor’s Dream is set for “late 2014 on iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.” That’s about a year between it and Device 6, which was developed in even less time after Year Walk (which got a PC release a few months ago, too).

thesailorsdream_screen_05[1]The trailer for the new game seems far more mellow than the previous pair. It’s described as “a challenge-free experience in which you explore a non-linear story through words, music, sounds and illustrations.” That, combined with the soothing music and shots of abandoned buildings on the sea, leads me to believe I won’t be as terrified/depressed as in previous Simogo efforts.

Even so, I expect it will be an intriguing experience. The devs have come a long way since Beat Sneak Bandit (which is a fine game, in its own way).

Now if only this announcement didn’t have me listening to that song on loop again.

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