SimCity’s latest patch is a buggy one indeed

By Dant Rambo |

What a long and tumultuous ride it’s been for SimCity players. First, the game didn’t work. Next, EA and Maxis took out a bunch of features as part of their attempt to fix the problem. And now, just when we thought the storm was over, Polygon is reporting that the latest patch has brought with it a variety of nasty bugs.

Patch 2.0 was meant to introduce a Mayors Mansion, do away with delays in receiving invitations, introduce cooldown periods between random disasters, and much more. And to be perfectly fair, it did manage to deliver some of what it promised. The problem, then, is that it also damaged the game in some pretty major ways. Reddit user Imidazole0 has written up a list of some of the most glaring issues, including:

I mean no disrespect to the SimCity players that have been forced to endure this awful patch, but can we at least admit that this is kind of hilarious? I mean, how often do we get to listen to trees that sound like an ambulance? It’s magical stuff.

EA has yet to make a statement on the matter, so it’s unclear when, exactly, this patch will be fixed. My hope is that they fix everything except the siren trees. 

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