SimCity Social gets into the real estate business with Century 21

When you really think about, the social city simulation experience can be summed up best in two words: real estate.  Everyone want to be the next Donald Trump.  Buying land expansions, building condos and commercial strips, collecting rent – it’s all about the money.  But these games all tend to overlook the most essential element of the realty market: buying and selling.

And while the latest promotion in SimCity Social doesn’t bring that element to the actual gameplay (Note to EA: get on it), it at least gives a gentle nod to the world of home sales.  Effective today (and ending November 5th), players will be able to add a Century 21 office to their cities.

“This campaign showcases our brand on the largest social network in a fun and creative way that resonates with an increasingly influential audience — gamers,” said Bev Thorne, chief marketing officer of Century 21 Real Estate LLC. “We see this as an innovative opportunity to deliver the dream of homeownership to millions who are intent on investing in real estate virtually, and eventually, in reality.”


Partnering with social games to provide in-game content is proving to be a fairly saavy marketing move, and logical partnerships – like putting a realty office in a game about real estate – seem like the best possible combination, so kudos of Century 21 for… well… be so very 21st century about this.

 Are you looking forward to building your own realty office in SimCity Social?  What other brands would you love to see jump into the fray?

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