Sibblingz founder thinks FarmVille may open the floodgates on social iPhone games

While we may not have been expecting the announcement at Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference, most people would have agreed that FarmVille coming to the iPhone was something of an inevitability. Now that it’s official, will FarmVille‘s imminent iPhone release serve as a rallying cry for social games on Apple devices? Sibblingz founder Ben Savage seems to think so.

“The consumer demand to playgames seamlessly across multiple devices is undeniable,” says Savage. “We’re thrilled to see a big player like Zynga follow the approach and take a game from Facebook to iPhone, but this is step one. Theindustry will need a solution to expand any title to any major device.”

Launched last month in private beta, Sibblingz provides developers the resources to bring their social games to multiple devices including the iPhone, iPad and Android. Crowdstar’s popular Facebook game Happy Island was developed using their engine, and will begin releasing on other devices later this month.

The company claims their engine will help developers save millions in game development costs and decrease their time to market on launching cross-platform. If true, it should provide smaller developers a great opportunity to jump into the potentially massive mobile social market. “Zynga was able to bring Farmville on the iPhonebecause of their considerable resources,” says Savage. “Others are going to needour engine approach to pull this off.”

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