Shelter, Machinarium and more featured in Humble Weekly Sale

January 2nd saw the launch of 2014’s first Humble Weekly Sale, featuring games from Amanita Design, Might and Delight, Vectorpark Inc., and State of Play Games. All of the games come DRM-free for Windows and Mac, and all of the games (except Samorost 2) come with Steam keys. 

Paying $6 or more gets buyers Samorost 2, Machinarium, Lume, Windosill, Shelter, and Botanicula. Paying less than the pre-determined price point, gets buyers all of the previously mentioned games, except the latter two. Currently, the sale has generated over $76,000, with the average purchase price being $3.41.


We previously reviewed Machinarium, awarding the game four-and-a-half stars out of five. We loved the game for its artistic design and clever gameplay mechanics and puzzles. The only aspects of Machinarium that held the game back from a perfect score was the story took awhile to find its footing, the overall length of the game was rather short, and players were forced to play minigames in order to obtain hints. On its own, Machinarium sells for $9.99.

Last year, we gave Might and Delight’s Shelter, four out of five stars in our review. The main reason Shelter fell one star short of a perfect score is that the game is simply not for everyone. The game has players leading their offspring through the badger’s natural habitat, in an effort to survive. Outside of the bundle, Shelter sells for $9.99. 

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