Seven Knights 2 Launches a Carnival Celebration to Welcome Immortal Lightning Empress Eileene

By Conor O'Sullivan |

Netmarble, the studio behind the acclaimed mobile RPG Seven Knights 2, has launched a huge in-game carnival of events to celebrate the arrival of Immortal Lightning Empress Eileene, its latest hero.

Immortal Lightning Empress Eileene is a Mythic / Defense-type hero whose skill allows her to Shock enemies, inflict a variety of debuffs, enhance ranged attacks, and transform when revived.

Eileene is joined by a whole new storyline, too. It’s called Side Story Scenario Chapter 3 Resonating Heart, and it lets you learn all about Jave, Lene’s family, and Eileene’s miraculous revival.

On top of all that, the latest Seven Knights 2 update includes exclusive equipment for Legendary Serena and a Victory Outfit for April.

Netmarble is also holding a number of events between March 29th and April 12th to celebrate these new additions to the game, allowing newbies, returning players and veterans alike to bank some rewards and upgrade their squads.

First up, there’s the snappily named Celebration Carnival for Mythic Eileene’s Release. This one sees you clearing daily missions to obtain rewards. If you manage to complete every one of these missions, you’ll pocket an additional extra special reward.

The rewards on offer for new players include Legendary+ hero Teo, Legendary heroes Casper, Ruri, and Rudy, Legendary+ Hero Selection Tickets, Legendary Hero Summon Vouchers, Legendary pet summon vouchers, Pet Step Summon Tickets, and much more.

Returning players should not miss this chance as they can get a Mythic Weapon Selection Ticket, a Mythic Armour Summon Voucher, a Legendary+ hero selection ticket, a Legendary Pet summon Voucher, and more.

Next there’s the succinctly named Immortal Lightning Empress Eileene Upgrade Support & Step Up Summon Challenge Event, which sees you gaining a variety of rewards that increase in value as you level goes up.

Finally, there’s Commanders Meet Legendary+ Platin. This is a Special Pass that you can activate using Legendary+ Platin Special Coins, which you obtain by checking in, playing upgrade dungeons, and clearing missions.

That’s a lot to keep you busy, so we recommend that you download Seven Knights 2 for free right now on Google Play, App Store or Windows PC (beta).

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