Seven Knights 2 Is Getting a Host of Events to Celebrate 500 Days of Service

Seven Knights 2, the highly acclaimed MMORPG sequel from developer Netmarble, is getting a host of in-game events to celebrate its 500th day of service.

From right now until April 12th you’ll be able to participate in a check-in event, visit the Event Shop, and complete a series of missions to earn copious rewards, whether you’re a returning player or an absolute newb.

And there’s more. Until March 29th you can take part in several different pet-themed events, including the March Petstival Mission Event, the Pet Special Mission Event, and something called Shoot & Root.

Before we unpack all that, let’s just remind ourselves that Seven Knights 2 is the sequel to Seven Knights, one of the most popular mobile RPGs of all time, downloaded by 60 million players around the world.

This eagerly awaited follow-up takes place 20 years after the original, and sees you exploring a vast open world in search of Rudy, the last remaining Knight.

The main 500 Day Check-In Event gives you the chance to receive a variety of rewards, including 5,000 Rubies, a 500th Day Celebration Special Box, Legendary Hero Selection Tickets, and Legendary Pet Summon Voucher Fragments.

The Check-In Mission Event, meanwhile, rewards new and returning players for completing missions. Those missions include checking-in, making purchases at the Mole Shop, summoning items, and clearing the first chapter of the first season.

And the Event Shop will be open throughout the event, letting you exchange 500th Day Celebration Special Coins for a host of goodies.

The March Petstival Mission Event lets you earn 500th Day Celebration Special Coins, Pet Fragment Chests, and more for dispatching your pet or fusing Pet Soulstones.

Meanwhile, the Pet Special Mission Event gives you 500th Day Special Coins and Pet Fragment Chests for playing Upgrade Dungeon, using Map, or enhancing equipment. Plus, you get more rewards depending on the number of Pet Step Up Summonings you use.

Finally, Shoot & Root lets you use Cosette’s Bullet, acquired by completing missions, to obtain 500th Day Celebration Special Coins, Pet Fragment Chests, Mythic Upgrade Stones, and more.


There’s a lot of stuff to do, and a lot of loot to claim. Head to the Google Play Store, the App Store, or PC right now to get started.

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