Send your loved ones a greeting card game this year

By Joe Jasko |

Just when I thought I’ve heard of everything, the newly-formed Tingly Games unveils their exciting plans to take the world of casual gaming to a brave new frontier: greeting cards. Forget those stuffy paper cards, forgot those awkward singing telegrams – with the super cool and innovative Greeting Games, you’ll now be able to give your loved ones the very special gift of a personalized game for any occasion!

The Greeting Games beta is currently live on the company’s official website, where they are featuring their unique greeting card games for such holidays and occasions as “Birthday,” “New Year,” “Thank You” and “Get Well.” Users will also be able to choose from a number of popular casual game genres, including Match 3, Slicer, Sudoku, Bubble Shooter, Puzzle, Word, Mahjong, and Blaster. Afterwards, they can further customize their message and their game by choosing such options as the game’s title, the game’s story, and the game’s difficulty setting. The game is then sent to your loved one just like a regular e-card.


So the next time you can’t think of anything to get Mom for Mother’s Day, just remember that all Moms love Bubble Shooters, and that all Moms would love a Bubble Shooter even more if it came directly from your heart. Better yet, all Greeting Games services will remain free for the time being during the initial beta period, so what better time to test one out than now?

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