SEGA job listings hint at new Sonic Dash game

The dedicated Sonic fans over at Sonic Stadium have stumbled upon an interesting piece of news for the rumor mill today, after coming across a few SEGA job listings on LinkedIn that seem to indicate a new Sonic the Hedgehog mobile game is on the horizon. In a few of these job listings for such positions as Data and Game Analyst and Mobile Game Engineer at SEGA’s UK-based Hardlight studio, the company description lists Sonic Jump and “Sonic Dash” as their past mobile successes. The “Sonic Dash” title has since been taken down by SEGA, but Sonic Stadium managed to capture a screenshot of the original listing.

Well this is certainly intriguing! Hardlight released the fairly successful Sonic Jump last October, which tried to capture the vertical gameplay of Doodle Jump and Abduction, so a follow-up game based on the Sonic the Hedgehog universe doesn’t seem too farfetched. After doing some more digging around on the internet, Sonic Stadium found that other Hardlight job listings posted last week only mentioned Sonic Jump, with the promise of their next projects due for release through 2013.

Not much else is known about “Sonic Dash” at the moment, but judging from its title, it might be safe to assume that the game will be some kind of endless runner featuring everyone’s favorite speedy blue hedgehog. We’ll keep you posted on any new developments about this mysterious should they arise. But I have to say, if there’s anyone who can handle the speed of an endless runner, it’s definitely Sonic the Hedgehog.

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