Secret Kingdom Defenders is an exciting new grid-based strategy romp


It’s Chinese New Year, so developer Doppler Hat Games is offering mobile gamers an oriental strategy experience in the form of Secret Kingdom Defenders.

It’s a game that’s looking to improve upon its rivals in the somewhat crowded grid-based strategy title genre, and it may well have succeeded.

You play a young monk who fights across a monster filled land with the help of a team of allies. Battles are the order of the day in this game, as you might have guessed.

Secret Kingdom Defenders sees you progressing through a linear set of self-contained stages, and you complete each of these the same way – by crushing every enemy thrown at you.

You have to line up your squad across a 9×9 grid to do this, and then move them in real-time as the battles progress. Certain characters are better at the front line, whereas others have long-range weaponry that means you should generally place them near the rear.

Foes approach across three planes, so constant movement of your squad – performed via swipes and taps – is essential if you’re to come out of clashes victorious. Lose every squad member or have an enemy reach the left of the screen and it’s game over.

Improving your squad is vital in order to progress past tougher adversaries. You can do this by battling of course, but also by purchasing equipment.

There’s the opportunity to battle online to climb the rankings against other players too – and there’s even bonus loot up for grabs.

You can download Secret Kingdom Defenders on both iOS and Android for free now. Check it out!

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