SearchMan unveils Top 10 SEO Tips for mobile developers

For all you mobile game developers out there: ever wonder if the length of your app name affects your ranking in an App Store search? Do those lower star ratings really matter to your search ratings on the App Store? Can more tweets and shares on social media improve your overall search rank?

With the tools available today, almost anyone can become a mobile game developer if they really put the time and dedication into their work. But with hundreds of new games and applications hitting mobile app stores literally each and every day, the bigger issue quickly becomes getting your game noticed by the masses of mobile gamers just waiting to play. This is where Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, comes into play: how your games get noticed when people perform basic searches on internet search engines or within the App Store itself., the top self-serve SEO tool that is used by more than 14,000 mobile developers all over the world for App Store Search-related functions, have unveiled a pretty interesting infograph this week, which outlines the 10 biggest SEO tips that they have learned from mobile developers over the years.

And they’ve uncovered some pretty intriguing facts about how SEO handles mobile applications too, including the relationships between keywords vs. phrases, keyword stuffing, and download velocity. You can see the full list of tips and mobile SEO strategies in the infograph below:


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