SchoolFeed aims to blend high school reunions and social gaming

Let’s be honest about something: One of the greatest joys that we get from using Facebook is getting updates on our former high school classmates. You know, for all the important questions like “Did that bully ever get his comeuppance,” “is my crush still single,” and —more importantly— “will I look better than everyone else at the reunion next month?” Now a new app called SchoolFeed will answer all these questions, and add in some gaming elements too.

SchoolFeed is designed to bring former classmates back together, while rewarding users for adding more friends with things like virtual coins and gifts. It also contains an in-app version of Bingo, with more games expected to follow.

The app’s development team is being helmed by former RockYou CEO Lance Tokuda (who has recruited a number of former RockYou employees and investors to get things off the ground). According to Tokuda, SchoolFeed is being marketed towards an older audience, since younger Facebook users already tend to use the site as yearbooks that update in real time.

“We’re targeting people age 36 and older, who graduated before the internet was born,” Tokuda told All Things D.

It’s certainly a sound marketing plan, but is also seems like we’ll have to wait and see what happens before SchoolFeed can be declared a success.

[via All Things D]

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