Say that ten times fast: GREE takes Moshi Monsters mobile

Call me old fashioned, but I consider myself a Pokemon guy. Oh man… when did that sentiment become old-fashioned!? In any case, I hadn’t heard of Moshi Monsters except in passing until this news slid across my virtual desk. But 60 million fans and active players sure had, which proved more than enough to pique GREE’s interest.

Earlier today, the mobile-social giant – who seems to be on a newsworthy roll – announced a formal partnership with London-based Mind Candy to bring their flagship Moshi Monsters to mobile, and localize it in over eight languages on the newly unveiled GREE platform. Like Neopets before it, Moshi Monsters is an online universe which allows players to adopt and customize a creature, and explore with it a world full of mini-games and activities.


Unlike the former, however, Mind Candy’s monetizes on a subscription model in lieu of micro transactions and credits. For about six dollars a month, or fifty per year, monster owners get access to a more advanced suite of content, including more cosmetic upgrades, activities, and in-game currency. To that end, there’s a ton to be gained for both parties in a partnership like this. GREE opens the door to 230 million more potential yearly subscribers, while Mind Candy injects their userbase into an ecosystem promoting GREE’s games and services.

It’s unclear right now whether the two planned mobile titles will link the online ecosystem directly to phones and tablets, or simply promote the Moshi Monsters brand. But one thing is for certain: you’ve got to catch them a– oh, man! Wrong monsters, again.

Make sure to catch all our news on the matter here on Gamezebo, and stay tuned for more previews, reviews, and interviews surrounding these two upcoming titles.

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