Say goodbye to Flappy Bird: Creator says he’s taking the game down

If you haven’t gotten around to downloading Flappy Bird yet, you’d better get on that. By this time tomorrow, the app will be gone.

Creator Dong Nguyen broke the news on Twitter less than an hour ago. While no specific reason has been given, it seems as though the overwhelming success/press coverage/hatred that the game has seen over the last few weeks has broken the man down completely.

“I am sorry Flappy Bird users. 22 hours from now, I will take Flappy Bird down,” says Nguyen. “I just cannot take this anymore.”

In the tweets that followed, Nguyen goes on to say that it’s not related to any legal issues, he’s not looking to sell Flappy Bird, and that he still makes games.

I suppose that overwhelming success really is overwhelming.


Considering that Ngyuen has previously asked to be left alone and hasn’t been terribly quick to grant press interviews, it really does seem like the game is taking its toll on him. Still — $50,000 a day can buy an awful lot of therapy.

In a market where developers are constantly struggling for success, walking away from a #1 phenomenon seems like madness. Having said that, the game is still live right now – and it’s always possible that Dong might change his mind (or could even just be pulling our leg).

Here’s what I think: If I were Dong Nguyen, I’d be doing the same thing. Not because of the pressure, mind you, but because of the blatant “inspiration” the game draws from Nintendo. He says there isn’t a legal issue forcing him to remove the game yet, and I believe him – but I also think he must know that it’s only a matter of time. Don’t be surprised if you see the game disappear tomorrow and then reappear a few weeks down the road with a fresh, non Mario-inspired, coat of paint.

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