rymdkapsel is headed to PC in January

By Joe Jasko |

Don’t you just love it when a futuristic game about building and expanding your space station into foreign terrain starts gearing up to expand into some real-life foreign terrain itself? Namely, the futuristic game in this instance is the fantastic mobile hit rymdkapsel. And that foreign terrain? Well that just so happens to be the PC gaming platform.

In today’s official announcement on the rymdkapsel website, Grapefrukt Games has not only confirmed that their acclaimed mobile strategy game will be headed to PC in January, but that the upcoming release is set to feature some additional bonus content as well: including new monoliths, more missions, and even two shiny new game modes. The announcement also mentions that rymdkapsel will be getting a similar treatment on Mac and Linux around the same time via Steam.


This news is especially exciting, considering how rymdkapsel happened to be one of our favorite strategy games over this past summer, and having a beefed up version on PC now can only heighten that experience. So while you wait to build a brand new space station on your PC next month, be sure to check out our near-perfect review of rymdkapsel right over here to learn exactly why you should be so excited.

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