Rovio reveals Angry Birds Go! is a kart racer

Remember at the beginning of the summer when we told you that Rovio was working on a brand new game called Angry Birds Go!? Well the Angry Birds developer is still keeping pretty tight-lipped on most of the details about this one, although they did reveal one important piece of new information today: Angry Birds Go will be a kart racing game!

In partnership with Red Bull, it seems like Angry Birds Go will have players taking control of all their favorite bird and pig characters from the iconic puzzler series and putting their feathers to the pedal! Will we see a deep vehicle customization akin to Bad Piggies? Your guess is as good as mine right now, since we still don’t know anything else about the mysterious karting title, and have yet to see a single screenshot or gameplay footage of those racing birds in action.

However we do get a feel for what things might be like via a very realistic live-action karting scene, featuring people dressed in giant Angry Birds costumes. You can see the humorous progress update video from Rovio right at the bottom of this page, where the team also sheds some light on a few Angry Birds concepts that didn’t quite make the cut (like an endless runner game, which looks like it would have simply been just a bird chasing a pig down a winding hill).

We’re told once more that all will be revealed about Angry Birds Go! “soon,” so keep checking back on Gamezebo to find out more information on the birds’ first step onto the karting scene!

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