Rovio branding executive joins the team at Big Fish Games

Casual game publisher Big Fish Games may become a household name in the near future, thanks to their latest hire. Wibe Wagemans — who recently finished working at Angry Birds creator Rovio as a senior vice president of global brand advertising — has just been hired by Big Fish to head up its mobile division.

Wagemans could prove to be an incredible asset for his new employers. After all, the man oversaw the incredibly successful merchandising blitz of Angry Birds merchandise that you now see in stores everywhere. At Big Fish Games, Wagemans will be helping the company build its brand with a particular focus on its mobile titles. Of course Big Fish already has a solid reputation, having released 231 games for iOS devices and has earned more than 1.5 billion downloads across all the platforms it markets to.

Wagemans himself has to be excited about working for someone who’s in his hometown of Seattle. Since Rovio’s main offices are in Finland, this new job is probably going feature a lot less travel and strange hours.

Of course, Wagemans already has plans for Big Fish Games. Speaking in a video interview with AllThingsD, he revealed that the company will likely be creating plush toys based on a number of properties, including mascot Felix the Fish.

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