Romans In My Carpet! is the next game from Ravenmark developer

Who knew that while we go about our days, a giant war is raging all across the floor of our very own bedrooms?! Romans In My Carpet! from Ravenmark developer Witching Hour Studios lets players partake in the epic battles of the war between Rome and Britannia, all condensed into wonderfully bite-sized and 16-bit visuals. The game looks to be just as cute and adorable as it is engrossing and strategic.

The bite-sized action of the game takes place across the sprawling terrain of a modern-day dorm room, complete with “its mite-ridden carpets and other dusty paraphernalia.” Both the “Romites” and the “Breetles” will have six unique unit types to use in the turn-based strategy battles, complete with spider-driven chariots and poop-flinging catapults. It sounds like a truly terrifying war, doesn’t it?

The game will feature a single-player campaign called “Romans” that spans 10 battles long, as well as an asynchronous online multiplayer mode. You can download Romans In My Carpet! on Android or iOS devices when the game launches sometime this spring.

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