Rogue Universe is a massively multiplayer space game for mobile


In some ways, space is the perfect setting for an MMO. After all, the first M stands for Massively, and what could be more massive than the ever-expanding interstellar void? Nothing, that’s what.

Unfortunately there hasn’t really been a definitive space MMO on mobile. There have been some decent stabs at space trading and combat, and plenty of space-based strategy, but nothing like a proper EVE-style experience.

That’s why we’re glad to welcome Rogue Universe to the scene. This expansive strategy MMO, which is aiming to touch down imminently, owes its existence to the Unreal Dev Grant, awarded by Epic Games to promising studios working with Unreal Engine 4.

Developed by MUSTGAMES, Rogue Universe places you in, well, a rogue universe, and tasks you with undertaking missions, accumulating resources, building a fleet of ships, and taking over the galaxy, among other things.

You can play nice with the other players you meet in Rogue Universe’s inky sandbox, joining guilds with them and cooperating to kill enemy NPCs. Or you can play horrible, pillaging your fellow players and even forcing them to flee their planets. Harsh, but that’s what freedom looks like.

The level of detail is incredible. You expand your power by building and customising your ship and your crew, and this extends to constructing, reinforcing, stabilizing, and dismantling spacecraft as you see fit.

You can send your crew out on missions, create battleplans before engaging in combat, and even jump from mothership to mothership, giving you access to huge and diverse swathes of the universe.

You can make alliances, too. Rogue Universe is dominated by three huge factions: the U.N.S, Black Flag, and Zurich Bank. Which ones you side with and which ones you attack is up to you. Good luck out there!

Rogue Universe is now available in Canada on both Google Play and the App Store, so prepare for take-off.

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