RockYou study shows that social gamers play a lot of games

Social game developer and publisher RockYou has teamed up with research firm Interpret to produce a study that looks at the behavior of social gamers, and manages to break down the market into four types of gamers: players willing to spend money to get ahead, hardcore players who like to brag about their achievements, non-tech savvy players who just want to play for free, and those that play a lot but still don’t want to spend any money.

The study was based on a survey that included 2,000 social gamers who play at least one hour per week.

“RockYou is investing in the development of the social gaming landscape and its growth as a powerful advertising medium,” RockYou’s Julie Shumaker, said. “This study enables us to better understand social gamers and their motivations and provide advertisers, agencies, and social game developers with actionable information they can leverage in a rapidly evolving social economy.”

Other key findings from the study include the fact that gamers spend the majority of their social networking time playing games. On average, those surveyed spent 13 hours a week on Facebook and 9.5 of those hours were spent playing games. And, just like Raptr’s recently released study, it looks like a number of social gamers play games on other platforms, as well, as 50 percent of those surveyed own at least one game console.

RockYou just launched the sci-fi strategy game Galactic Allies on Facebook and will be publishing Cloudforest Expedition later this fall.

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