RockYou Acquires Playdemic, Moves Further Into Social Gaming Space

Social app developer RockYou today announced their latest acquisition in Playdemic, known for making the Facebook game Gourmet Ranch. RockYou was quick to point out that they will remain an independent studio and provide strong social game offerings in the future.

“Being a part of RockYou gives us the opportunity to remain creatively independent, while leveraging RockYou’s vast network and expertise at scale to reach a wide audience with our games,” Paul Gouge of Playdemic said. “We see a massive opportunity to expand the depth and quality of social games, and have found an ideal partner in RockYou.”

RockYou’s first objective for Playdemic? Grow Gourmet Ranch through the roof. As of now, Gourmet Ranch, which offers players a chance to grow crops and then use these crops as ingredients, sits at around 500,000 monthly users on Facebook. With the help of RockYou, I have no doubt that they’ll be able to continue growth.


Previous social gaming ventures from RockYou include Zoo World, Toy Land and Hero World, so this move doesn’t seem too radical on their part. As of now, we can’t be sure if this is a sign of more acquisitions for RockYou.

Acquisitions in the fast growing social game industry have slowed down from the heyday of last year, but it still happens a lot given the growing size of the market. I think it can only help RockYou as they continue to grow in the social gaming market.

Is RockYou the next Zynga? Not yet, I’d say, but I also wouldn’t count RockYou out of the game yet.

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