Rock Band Reloaded, Bakery Story and more! New iPhone Games This Week

Each week hundreds of new games hit the App Store, vying for your dollars. Join us every Friday as we sort through the pile and let you know which games should be on your radar. This week’s releases include a fishy spin on the Lemmings formula, some high seas strategy in real time, Rock Band revisisted, and more!

New iPhone Games This Week is a new feature on Gamezebo. Be sure to check back every Friday to discover the latest and greatest games that have just surfaced on the App Store!

  • Aqua Panic – Originally appearing on the PSP, this Lemmings inspired tale of the aquatic world is available for sampling free of charge.
  • Bakery Story – The latest social game from Team Lava reimagines one of their previous titles with a baked goods theme. (Review)
  • Buccaneer Blitz – High seas piracy meets real time strategy in Namco’s latest.
  • Floe – Help a baby polar bear get back to her mother in this icy puzzler.
  • Heroes Lore III – This hugely popular Korean mobile action RPG finally comes to America courtesy of Electronic Arts.
  • Rock Band Reloaded – Rock Band is back for its second go round on the iPhone, and it’s made a number of noticeable tweaks to the formula.
  • Scarlett and the Spark of Life – Witty dialogue and fun puzzles make this new adventure game a joy from start to finish. (Review)
  • We Bowl – Freeverse tries their freemium hand at pin knocking.

Did we miss anything? Be sure to tell us what great games you discovered this week in the comments!

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