Robot Entertainment makes a young gamer’s wish

By Joe Jasko |

The Make-A-Wish Foundation does some pretty amazing things each and every day for kids in need. And when an acclaimed video game developer steps in to help out that cause, well we here at Gamezebo think that’s just all sorts of extra awesome.

Wade Sharp is a young boy who suffers from a case of brittle bone disease, where even the slightest amount of injury could cause his bones to break. So since his condition prevents him from playing sports or any real outdoor activities, Wade took to going on adventures in the rich and open worlds of video games instead. In conjunction with Make-A-Wish North Texas, Wade’s wish was to see how video games are made, and to possibly become a character in one of these games himself one day. When Robot Entertainment, the studio behind Orcs Must Die! and Hero Academy, were contacted about the heartwarming story, they “jumped at the chance to make Wade’s wish come true.”


Wade and his family were able to visit the Robot Entertainment studios this week, where the aspiring game-developer-for-a-day got to see just how some of his favorite games are actually made. Better yet, Robot Entertainment surprised Wade even further by revealing an in-game model of the boy as a character in the studio’s next upcoming game. That’s a picture of video game Wade in action right there, as Wade the Super-Master! Wade even got to make a lot of big development decisions in regards to his character, like the colors, weapons sounds, and even a full-fledged backstory.

What’s also interesting is that this picture of Wade the Super-Master also seems to confirm that Robot Entertainment’s next game will be titled Echo Prime, a name that was rumored ever since Robot registered the term “Echo Prime” earlier this year. We’ll be sure to keep you posted on any future developments concerning the still yet-to-be-announced Echo Prime, and in the meantime, you can also read the full story of Wade and his Make-A-Wish experience on the Robot Entertainment Facebook page.

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