Ridiculous Fishing and Badlands win iOS Game of the Year recognition

Earlier in the week, Apple announced that both Vlambeer’s Ridiculous Fishing and Frogmind’s Badland won game of the year for iPhones and iPads respectively. Ridiculous Fishing was released on March 23rd, while Badland released on April 4th.

We reviewed Ridiculous Fishing, back in March, and absolutely loved our time with it. We awarded the game a perfect score. Our only criticism was that we felt a bit silly tilting our device’s screen while playing.

In April, we reviewed Badland, giving it four out of five stars. While we enjoyed the beautiful art style and clever puzzle designs, the multiplayer left much to be desired and success in the game sometimes came more from luck, than skill.


Runners up to Ridiculous Fishing were Plants vs. Zombies 2 and Device 6. Runners up to Badland were XCOM: Enemy Unknown and Impossible Road. If you’re wondering what games Gamezebo liked best, be sure to check back for our Best of 2013 roundup starting Monday!

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