Rewards Galore in the Game Hollywood Games Easter Day Event

Get into the Easter spirit…

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Game Hollywood Games is getting into the Easter spirit again this year with a range of events and giveaways. 

First up, there’s a site-wide event that lets you crack open eggs every day between March 26th and April 2nd to claim platform points and surprise gift codes.

If you’re a Monthly Pass subscriber, meanwhile, you’ll also be able to get your hands on complementary premium games such as the brilliant Dream Magic Will, a tower defense exploration game that normally costs $4.99. 

Plus, Monthly Pass subscribers also get a gift pack worth $20, on top of all the other benefits a subscription provides.

The Spring Gift event, also sitewide, lets you obtain Gift Codes by spending GHG Coins. If you spend 500, you’ll also get a $20 Gift Pack.

Then there are the game-specific events. 

The Titan Revenge Easter Day Event runs from March 31st till April 5th, and gives you the chance to unlock two new event-exclusive characters: Ice Titan and Dark Angel. All you need to do is log in every day, collect Easter Eggs, complete quests, and spin a wheel. 

Easy peasy. 

Eternal Fury is holding a Hunt for Glory event between March 30th and April 4th. This one consists of quests, egg hunts, and a host of exclusive rewards. Oh, and some fierce enemies. 

The Dark Odyssey event, meanwhile, tasks you with defeating bosses and collecting Easter eggs to exchange for valuable in-game rewards. To take advantage of this one, show up between March 31st and April 7th.

Despite its distinctly Halloweeny overtones, Evil Awakening 2 is also getting in on the Easter celebrations with a gear up event. 

Rock up between March 28th and April 1st and you’ll be able to claim dazzling new Ultimate Overlord fashion items. All you need to do is “delve into the realm of unyielding malevolence” and win a few battles. 

Finally. League of Angels: Pact is taking the low road pun-wise with an “Eggstravaganza” event from March 31st till April 6th. 

This one sees you completing Easter quests in return for Easter Eggs, and then exchanging these eggs for items like a Youth Sword, a Youth Gift, Wings of Radiance, Rune Optional Chest, Advance Redemption, and Advanced Red Moon. 

And if you still need more Easter Eggs after completing the available quests, you can earn more by defeating World Bosses, Dark Realm Bosses, or Bounty Bosses. 

Head to Game Hollywood Games to get your Easter festivities underway.