Revealed: MU Origin 2 Will Be Out on May 28th

By Glenn Wilson |


MU Origin 2 is one of the most hotly anticipated games of 2019 so far. Like its predecessor MU Origin, the game is a spin-off of Webzen’s massive desktop title MU Online, a popular RPG series in Asia and beyond.

Following a brief closed beta, we’ve now got hold of the release date. MU Origin 2 will hit the app stores on the 28th of this month.

As to what you’ll find in this blockbuster sequel, you can expect more of the same in terms of world and lore, but bigger, better, and prettier than before.

Once again you’ll be able to join guilds, battle with other players, and work your way through a massive single player campaign.

To begin with, though, you need to pick your class. Dark Knight, Dark Wizard, and Elf is the available selection. With your chosen avatar you can enter 1v1 battles in the Arena, team battles in a place called the Harmatium, conquer dungeons, and all that good stuff.

Everything you’d expect to see is present and correct, and if you played the previous game you’ll be more than au fait with the routine of levelling up, filling item slots, and so on.

Animal antics

There are pets, too – loyal beasts that accompany you in battle and attack your enemies. And mounts, which are also loyal beasts, but larger, and exist for the express purpose of carrying you from place to place. MU Origin 2 is a huge game, so you’ll need the ride.

You’ll have to wait a couple more weeks to play MU Origin 2, but some interesting insights came out of the recent closed beta. For instance, it seems that players tend to be drawn to the dark side, with close to 44% opting for Dark Wizard and about half that many going for the more wholesome Elf.

The beta lasted just over a week, but during that time players cleared 2,337,791 levels and fell in PvP battle 38,274 times. So it looks like the game is engaging.

You’ll be able to see for yourselves on the 28th. Pre-register right now on Google Play and the App Store.

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