Resident Evil Code: Veronica Remake Reportedly in Development at Capcom

A Resident Evil: Code Veronica Remake is reportedly in development over at Capcom, according to a leaker on Reddit.

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Take this rumour with an incredibly large pinch of salt, but Capcom is working on a Resident Evil: Code Veronica remake. This is according to a leaker on Reddit, who is reportedly a tester for the demo version.

The demo sees you take control of Claire Redfield, who is seeking her brother, Chris. A tutorial level takes place in Umbrella’s HQ, where Claire is captured and taken to Rockfort prison.

Where Does Resident Evil: Code Veronica Remastered Take Place?

According to the leaker, the prison is a vast complex that you can explore in third person, with mechanics echoing the recent REmakes.

You quickly meet Steve, Claire’s ally from the original game, who helps you explore the facility. Apparently, you can swap between the two of them to solve puzzles, like in Resident Evil 0.

The two have different strengths and weaknesses. Claire is more proficient in terms of combat, and can deal more damage with her knife, and is more accurate with a gun.

She is also more proficient at puzzle-solving. While playing as her, you can see hidden items and receive advice on the current puzzle.

What Are Steve’s Strengths?

Meanwhile, Steve has his signature dual-pistols, runs faster than Claire, and is more proficient at avoiding enemies using stealth. He also knows a bunch of the passcodes, allowing him to get around the prison complex with greater ease.

The rest of the notes detail the early hours of the game. Effectively, you work your way through the prison, using both characters to solve puzzles, and battle off the undead and guards.

It Sounds Like a Great Remaster

If any of this is true, it sounds like a great addition to the REmake series. Bringing back the ability to swap between characters is a great mechanic, and also opens up the possibility of co-op gameplay.

Perhaps most importantly, it sounds like it will follow in the footsteps of the recent releases, which is very welcome. Despite the slight misstep with 3, the 2 and 4 REmakes are very well-received.

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