Release trailer for A Wizard’s Lizard teases dungeon crawling adventures

Lost Decade Games released the launch trailer for their upcoming dungeon crawler, A Wizard’s Lizard. The gameplay trailer shows off a number of the game’s environments, as well as many enemies and obstacles players can expect to find within the game. A Wizard’s Lizard was originally entitled “Crypt Run” but Lost Decade Games explained that the name change was needed to give the game additional personality, as well as being a catchier title overall.

Launching for Windows, Mac, and Linux on January 22nd, A Wizard’s Lizard puts players in control of Raga, a wizard’s lizard who is seeking vengeance for the untimely death of the wizard. Ever-changing dungeons await players eager to explore them, and by rescuing the trapped townsfolk, players will be able to acquire upgrades to aid them in future adventures.

Because Raga was exposed to a magical potion, dying in a dungeon does not mean the end of the game as the realm of the dead features secrets of its own for players to discover.

Last summer, A Wizard’s Lizard (then, Crypt Run) participated in a Kickstarter campaign which ended up pulling in $4,013 over its established $5,000 goal. Lost Decade Games also recently launched a Steam Greenlight campaign, in effort to be able to release the game onto Steam.

“To survive as indies, we really need to publish games on world-class platforms like Steam,” Lost Decade Games explains on their Kickstarter update page. “Since we don’t have any connections there, we’re going through Steam Greenlight, which lets Steam users decide which games get on Steam.”

A Wizard’s Lizard is available for pre-order on the game’s official website for $12.

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