Reflexive shuts down its affiliate program

By Erin Bell |

Reflexive Entertainment has just announced plans to stop selling games through its Game Center Solutions affiliate program in order to focus entirely on game development. In a letter sent to Game Center Solutions affiliates, Reflexive Entertainment CEO Lars Brubaker wrote that the Game Center Solutions Program would continue its business as usual, which includes web support and payment of referral fees on game sales, until June 30.

“You will continue to have access to the Control Center until July 31, 2010 at which time we will distribute your final royalty report to the email address we have on file and our agreement with you governing the Game Center Solution Affiliate Program will terminate,” Brubaker continued.

“We wish you all the best and hope that we will have more opportunities to work together in the future.”

Reflexive Entertainment was acquired by Amazon in Oct. 2008, and through Game Center Solutions became the supplier of all of the games in Amazon’s Game Downloads section. In addition, the company sold games through its own portal, Reflexive Arcade.

An Amazon spokesperson confirmed with Gamezebo that after June 30 Reflexive will be shifting its business to focus entirely on game development and that games will no longer be available for purchase on

On March 26 Gamasutra published a story speculating that Amazon was about to significantly expand its digital downloads services after job postings went up on Amazon for positions relating to digital software, Web development, and developing “exciting new customer experience in video games.”

Earlier this year, PlayFirst also left the distribution side of the business to focus on developing and publishing games. For game developers, the announcement means they have one less place to sell their games, putting them in an even tighter squeeze to make a profit.

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