RebirthM Is A New Open World MMORPG That Features A Battle Royale Mode

By Glenn Wilson |


RebirthM is a brand new mobile MMORPG that you can grab now on iOS and Android in North America. And you’re going to want to do exactly that, when you learn that it features a battle royale mode.

It’s a gorgeous new mobile MMORPG that features a wide open world to explore that’s full of content. There’s a story to play through, side quests to complete, and PvP to be had.

Did we mention that it’s absolutely gorgeous? Take a glance at the trailer or screenshots and you might even confuse it for a console game.

That’s without even mentioning the incredibly stylish combat system. There’s a wide variety of different moves to pull off as four different character classes.

These are pretty traditional RPG archetypes like the giant weapon-wielding Berserker, stealthy Slayer, magic-casting Wizard, and the ranged battler Ranger. That serves a variety of different play styles.

And there’s plenty to do as your favourite character. You can play through the single player story, complete a bunch of side quests, or, when you feel like a challenge, you can try your hand at the Elite Dungeon Challenges.

These pit you against a bunch of extremely challenging opponents in exchange for some extra special rewards. Well, only if you survive, that is.

If it’s PvP you’re into, you won’t be disappointed here. In fact, there’s a battle royale mode here known as PK survival. As you can expect, this pits you against a bunch of enemy players to see who can be the last man standing.

Then there’s your typical guild battles and even co-op epic raid battles. In these, up to 20 players team up to defeat really tough opponent

As the year progresses, more content will arrive too. We’ll see new special challenges, seasonal events, and daily missions – each of which will provide unique rewards to players.

So go ahead and grab RebirthM on the App Store or Google Play right now.

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