Ready your wallets: The Steam Summer Sale starts tomorrow

Wondering when this year’s Steam Summer Sale is going to kick off? Us too. The Summer Sale always offers plenty of wallet-drainingly good deals, and as July creeps ever-onward, more than a few of us have been wondering when the 2013 edition might kick off. Now, thanks to reddit user ampish, we have confirmation of the sale’s start date: July 11.

Ampish was privy to an email from the Steam Support team in which someone (possibly ampish) had contacted Steam about a previous sale. In their reply, Steam delivered the bad news that they wouldn’t honor a previously discounted price, but they also had this bit of good news to share:

Please know that our Steam Sales are starting on July 11th. 🙂

Check out the full body of the email here, and get ready to wear a big fat grin on your face. It’s spendin’ time.

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