Ready your social slingshots; Angry Birds is now live on Facebook

It’s been a long time coming, but after nearly a year of waiting, Rovio has finally delivered on their promise. As of right now, Facebook gamers can now join the ranks of their iOS/Google+/PC/Mac/Chrome brethren and discover the deep satisfaction that can only be found in flinging a bird into a wooden house filled with pigs.

While the game is largely the same as every other version that’s come before, there are a few new elements to appear here on Facebook. Most of this is the sort of new content you’d expect in a Facebook game, like daily rewards for logging in and power-ups that you can purchase with real money. But other elements like a brand new Facebook-exclusive campaign are a surprisingly welcome treat.

As well, it should probably be noted that all of these new tweaks are conspicuously absent from the similarly social Google+ version.

Haven’t played Angry Birds before? Be sure to read our review of the original iOS version to see why it’s more than worth your time. Already love it? Good luck beating us on the leaderboards! Click here to check out the game on Facebook right now.

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