Rayman Jungle Run now available on Windows 8

Rayman Jungle Run, Ubisoft’s award-winning mobile take on the Rayman Origins reboot, has just crashed landed into the Windows Store, presumably setting off burglar alarms and getting glass everywhere. This new version of the game is compatible with PCs and Surface tablets running either Windows 8 or Microsoft’s mobile-centric operating system, Windows RT. Like its Android and iOS equivalents, the app goes for $2.99.

Rayman Jungle Run won the App Store’s Game of the Year award in 2012, and garnered a perfect score here at Gamezebo. Not a port or sequel to the Origins franchise, we found the game to be “best described as a spin-off; a game that tones down the intricacies without stripping away what made its predecessor so darn fun.”

The game’s 2D graphics utilize the same UbiArt Framework that powers its console contemporaries, achieving a presentation so slick that we called it “one of the most gorgeous games” available on iOS. Seeing as the Windows Store is comparatively sparse in contrast with Apple’s massive marketplace, the accolade is likely transferable.
The Windows Store version contains all the new content added via updates since the game’s initial release, including 9 Potpourri levels and the Land of the Livid Dead stage, as well as the additional playable character Globox. So, if the only thing keeping you from trying this game is your predilection for all things Microsoft, you’re running out of excuses.

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