RamaCity update brings new quest system and social features

Bigpoint has announced the latest update for the city building sim RamaCity, which adds story-based quests to the game, as well as additional ways to interact with other players. Unfortunately, it also means that those who have been playing up until now will see their cities reset.

The quests system provides daily tasks for players, which take the form of “small stories based around the amusing city dwellers that provide exciting adventures.”

As far as social features go, RamaCity now allows players to send cars and trucks to their friends’ cities, in addition to simply visiting them. This helps players work together to earn extra profit.

However, for those who have been playing for a while, your city will be reset back to level one. Bigpoint will be crediting any Downtown Dollars spent (RamaCity‘s premium currency) and to make ammends will provide veteran players with an exclusive tower to place in their city.

“All of these innovations for RamaCity are designed to provide our gamers with an even better gaming experience,” said Bigpoint’s Chief Games Officer Tobias Reisberger. “We’ve significantly improved several core features of the game to do so, which means that we’ve optimized practically every facet of RamaCity.”

The new update is live now.

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