Rally Legends is a mobile racer with technical chops and visual flair


As everybody knows, rally is the king of racing genres. F1 is too technical, touring is too fussy, and kart racing is too puerile. Only rally gives you the satisfaction of maintaining a perfect racing line while also creating a mushroom cloud of dust with your rad drifts.

Rally Legends is the latest game to capitalise on this timeless truth. It sees you racing around a huge variety of tracks, night and day, rain or shine, in environments as diverse as a desert, a forest, the countryside, and the African savanna, complete with roaming giraffes.

Surfaces include ice and gravel, with the corresponding effects on the handling of your car.

The are 46 tracks in total, covering an astonishing 100km in distance, and the dynamic weather effects ensure that no two races are the same.

The graphics are a real high point. Like the cult classic driving game Pako, it uses simple polygons to stylish effect, creating a clean, smooth look that’s perfect for the small screen.

It’s not just about the looks, though. Rally Legends is incredibly detailed when it comes to refining your vehicle. There are 18 unique cars to pick from, and you can modify everything from tyres to height, gear ratio to stiffness of suspension.

To get a good result in Rally Legends, you need to be a driver and a mechanic, not only steering and braking like a pro but also making the right modifications to your car before each race to ensure it’s matched to the conditions.

Your vehicle takes damage if you collide with anything. Some of this damage is just cosmetic, but some of it is mechanical, so you’ll have to drive with care!

Naturally, there’s a leaderboard allowing you to challenge opponents from all over the world. So what are you waiting for? Rally Legends is free on Google Play and the App Store, so you might as well take it for a spin.

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