Raid fish tanks, climb leaderboards in arcade angling sim Power Fishing


At first glance, fishing isn’t the most obvious subject matter for an arcade-style action game. After all, most anglers spend hours at a time eating biscuits and staring impatiently at murky green water in the rain.

Power Fishing is a perfect example of how videogames make absolutely anything better. Not only do you never have to wait for a bite, but the scenery is always spectacular, with gorgeous hi-res graphics and a diverse array of exotic backdrops.

The gameplay is pretty great too, with fast-paced action and a rich RPG system full of collectible items, rewards, and upgrades.

The fishing interface is simple to understand but tricky to master. You have a power bar that moves left and right as you hold and release a button on the screen. Indicators appears at random and you have to stop the bar on these to get little boosts and trigger skills.

This simulates the struggle of reeling in a powerful fish, and once you’ve managed it you’ll be treated to a close up of your writhing catch – a beautifully animated, virtually photorealistic jon dory, salmon, clownfish, or one of dozens of different species of fish.

All of these fish are added to your fishery, and from there you can level them up and register them in your fish tank. It pays to keep your fish as levelled-up as possible, since other players can raid your fish tank while you’re not looking. The stronger your fish, the more likely they are to get away.

Naturally there are global leaderboards where you can compare your fishing prowess with other players’. There’s also a single-player campaign, with tens of levels to work your way through, across several fishing spots in four unique areas. There are boss stages, too.

Power Fishing’s developer, Purple Ocean, previously found success with Fishing Hook, an arcade fishing game that’s been downloaded more than 50 million times.

We’re confident that Power Fishing is every bit as exciting as its predecessor, and you can play it for yourself right now by going to Google Play.

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