Racing Old School Muscle Style is a Cool Muscle Car Game Available Now on Mobile

By Glenn Wilson |


Racing Old School Muscle Style – or Racing OSM Style, as it prefers to be known – is the perfect example of a passion project. 

Created over the course of two years, during which its principle developer Randy Giles worked from 3 AM every day to bring his vision to life. It’s polished to a high sheen and absolutely packed with intricate automotive detail, right down to the engine crankshaft.

The gameplay sees you racing in various environments, such as a large traditional race track and the open road. And in various different conditions, such as day, night, or anywhere in between. You can choose to go auto, but manual is available too if you fancy yourself as a petrolhead.  

But that’s not what makes Racing OSM Style stand out. The thing that differentiates this game from every other mobile racer that we can think of is the sheer depth of detail.

Racing OSM Style doesn’t just have working cars. It’s got working cranks, as well as rods, pistons, engine belts, distributor systems, dual electric radiator fans, spark plug wires (with real sparks), and much more. The wheel physics are scrupulously accurate, too, with spring suspension, damping rates, and so on.

Get this. The 1969 Dodge Charger engine is offset to hide the blower system under the hood. That’s not a sentence you’ll read in connection with any other mobile racer.

Incredibly, there’s even a dynamometer rack system – a real-world device used to measure a vehicle’s horsepower during a rear wheel test. 

This detail is reflected on the track, too. Your rear wheels produce smoke and markings on the road, while every vehicle surface is HD and fully reflective. The Charger and Daytona models, meanwhile, have special blue halogen headlight rings for extra authenticity and coolness. 

There’s a solid variety of car models to drive, including the 1967 GT 500 E, the 1969 Camaro RS/SS, and the 1969 Dodge Daytona, and you can upgrade and customise these vehicles to your heart’s content.

Racing OSM Style is a totally unique proposition on mobile, and every minute of the endless early starts that went into its creation is evident in the finished product. 

You can download Racing OSM Style for free right now on the App Store

19th July UPDATE: Now you can try Racing OSM Style 3 free of charge for a limited time only, as the game is now offering promotional codes. Promotional codes expire at 11:59 PM PT 28 days after they are used, so redeem your code now to begin playing for free. To a obtain promotional code, email [email protected] with Racing OSM Style Promo Code in the subject line. Promotional codes are limited so act now!

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