Quizcover is a massive, innovative trivia game that gives you credit for being half right

By Marc Hewitt |

People love showing off how clever they are, which is why there will always be an audience for quiz games.

That being the case, it would have been easy for indie studio Quizista to throw just one more polished trivia title onto the app stores and wait for the microtransactions to roll in. Instead it chose to come up with something different.

Quizcover may well be the most fully featured quiz game you’ll ever play, and it has some innovations you won’t have come across before.

It has both single player and multiplayer modes, allowing you to take on random opponents, Facebook friends, and new pals invited over email or messenger.

It has personal records, achievements, and rankings organised by city, state, the country you live in, and the whole world, as well as by day, week, month, year, and all time.

It has its own slickly animated, bespectacled mascot, and polished presentation throughout. But, most importantly of all, it has a number of different question types that completely change the gameplay.

Of course, Quizcover, too, has the simple Pick One type, which sees you choosing one of four possible answers. But most of the questions posed to you are more interactive.

There’s the Pick Some type for example, which sees you tapping on multiple correct answers – such as boroughs of New York or Oscar winners.

And finally there’s our favourite type: Match Two. Here you get to use the touchscreen to its full potential, dragging answers together to make pairs.

Quizcover rewards your braininess with two different kinds of streaks: normal ones, where you score at least one point per question, and superstreaks, where you get everything correct.

That’s right, the difference between success and failure in Quizcover isn’t binary–you get credit for being half right.

And the more you play the cleverer you’ll become, as every question comes with additional information and links to online sources in case you want to learn more.

In that way, Quizcover caters to players of all abilities and levels of engagement, from casual time-passer to eager autodidacts. Grab Quizcover for free on the App Store right now. You can also check out the official Quizcover site here.

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