Quiet Christmas is a merry old-school adventure game

As a kid growing up, for me, the most exciting part of Christmas was always the night before, trying to go to sleep but instead only thinking about Santa coming and dropping off all the presents. In Quiet Christmas, it’s not just the excitement keeping the protagonist up. Players will have to navigate through the 2D adventure game in search of solutions to all of the problems currently keeping the protagonist awake at night. From a broken heater to obnoxious neighbors, players have plenty to do before, as the rhyme goes, “not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse.”

As a lighthearted (and seasonal) spiritual successor to Nostatic Software’s Quiet Please, Quiet Christmas has been previously released on pretty much every mobile platform: Android, iOS, Windows Phone. The game is available for 99-cents on all platforms.


Quiet Christmas’ developer, Mike Oliphant, recently spoke out on his blog about the advantages and disadvantages of selling a game at such a low price point.

“I want to try to get away from selling games for $.99, though, and that requires more content,” Oliphant said. “While there are a number of reasons I want to target a higher price point, probably the most important one is that it allows me to put a game on sale. If a game is already at the lowest price point for an app store, you can’t put it on sale without making it completely free. Consumers really like ‘free’ as a price point, but from a seller’s perspective it has obvious disadvantages.”

Ultimately, Oliphant bumped the price up by $1 for Vacation Vexation, a game about everything going wrong while on vacation. 

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