Puzzle Pirates sets sail for iPad and Android tablets

Avast, ye land lubber! With their big ships (and even bigger hats), pirates can travel just about anywhere the wind takes them – and soon you’ll be able to say the same thing about Puzzle Pirates.

In case you’re unfamiliar (you wee scurvy dog!), Puzzle Pirates is the granddaddy of the free-to-play market.  Originally released back in 2003 by Three Rings Design, Puzzle Pirates mixed a heaping helping of puzzle mini-games with a family-friendly approach to social MMO gameplay.  Three Rings later went on to create Doctor Who: Worlds In Time, which share much of the same spirit with its pirate progenitor.

If you’re already a seasoned pirate captain you’ll be pleased to know that the upcoming tablet release will offer cross-platform play with the current PC, Mac and Linux versions of the game.  What’s more, the studio is aiming to optimize the user interface and controls to take advantage of the touch screen nature.  Depending on how well they pull this off, Puzzle Pirates on tablets could be the best iteration of the game yet.

SEGA is aiming to have the game on tablets in the Spring and Summer of this year.  Prepare yourself for an endless barrage of piratey puns. (I’m always looking for an excuse to say things like “Yo-ho-ho and a bottle of fun!”)

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