PUBG Mobile gets bigger and better with launch of third season


Hugely popular battle royale title PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile (PUBG mobile) has launched a third season, and it makes quite a few solid additions.

PUBG Upgrade

You can see a video teasing the third season, but here are the basic details. The Battle Pass gives you the chance of unlocking various new trinkets, including a golden mask, gun holsters, and a nice white lab suit. There are also emotes, sprays, and skins for your guns – if you really feel your gun needs a skin (it doesn’t).

In terms of actual tangible content there are completely new daily and weekly missions to take on though. A free Battle Pass gets you some of the above, but if you want it all you’ll have to stump up $9.99 for the Elite edition and $24.99 for Elite Plus.

Download PUBG Mobile ASAP


If you’re starved for yet more PUBG Mobile content you can also read our feature speculating on when Sanhok might launch on iOS and Android here. Go on, check it out.

Check out Season 3 for yourself now by downloading PUBG Mobile on Google Play and App Store.

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