PSA: Puzzle Pirates is now on iPad

Arrr, mateys! Ye be lovin’ puzzles, but hate the idea of being tied to a land-lubbin’ PC all yer life? Avast, me hearties! You’ll be pleased as a pirate prince to know that the plunderously puzzletastic Puzzle Pirates is now on your iPad. Have at it, you ravenous seadogs!

**AHEMM!!** Sorry about that – had some sea water caught in my throat. If you’ve never had the pleasure of playing Puzzle Pirates, this is something we here at Gamezebo highly endorse. You can check out our 2009 review of the PC version to find out why. And if you like it as much as we do, might I recommend checking out Doctor Who: Worlds in Time? It’s from the same developer (Three Rings), and plays like a spiritual successor to Puzzle Pirates with a heaping helping of timey-wimey sci-fi fun.


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