PSA: Angry Birds Go! races onto mobile today

Racers, start your engines, and load up your eggs: Angry Birds Go! has finally been released on mobile devices today! It seems like we’ve been speculating about the nature of this game for a while now, ever since Rovio began teasing the ambitious Angry-Birds-meets-Mario-Kart project earlier this year. Well now at last we have the chance to hop into the driver’s seat for ourselves.

Not only is Angry Birds Go! the very first 3D Angry Birds game to grace the gaming world, but it also expands upon a number of great features that have been established in previous installments: from letting players race as either the birds or the pigs, and even bringing back the Telepod technology first introduced in Angry Birds Star Wars II.


Angry Birds Go! can be downloaded for free right now on the iOS App Store and the Google Play Marketplace, and you can expect to see our official review of the game in the upcoming days. And after you’ve finished a few races yourself, be sure to steer your karts on over to the comments section and let us know what you think of Rovio’s first exciting foray into the racing genre!

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