Preorders Are Open for AndaSeat’s Hotly Anticipated Kaiser 4 Gaming Chair

Take a seat…

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In case you hadn’t realised it, the thing you sit on when you play games is just as scalable as the machine that runs them. 

You can spend your gaming time on anything from a borrowed kitchen chair to a gleaming paragon of 21st century engineering that will cradle your body like an exquisite nest and set you back more than most PC builds or smartphones. 

AndaSeat has always sat squarely in the center of this spectrum of luxury, offering cutting edge features and comfort at a price that’s (just about) affordable for the discerning gamer.  

Just over two years ago, AndaSeat unveiled its Kaiser 3 range of ergonomic gaming chairs. They went on to earn critical acclaim and legions of fans thanks to their easy assembly, attractive design, vast range of adjustment, and extreme comfort levels. 

Now it’s almost time to welcome the AndaSeat Kaiser 4—so what does this latest model bring to the party? 

For one thing, it’s an environmentally friendly option, making use of sustainable materials. That means you can destroy virtual worlds while reducing the environmental impact of your favorite hobby on the real world. 

For another, while we haven’t personally sat on one of these bad boys, we’re pretty confident in saying that it’s likely to be extremely comfortable. That’s AndaSeat’s whole thing. 

That, and features. 

Those features include pop out lumbar support, stain-resistant leather, infinitely adjustable 5D armrests, a magnetic head pillow, and a choice of ten different colors. 

It’s lightweight, too, making it just as suitable for portable gaming as it is for parking in front of a desk. 

The Kaiser 4 has an introductory rate of $649.99 – but you can get it for even less as part of the early bird sale, which will get you what will be the most impressive gaming chair on the market for just $499.99.

If you’re in the market for a new gaming chair and the price is right, head to the AndaSeat website to get your order in

The Kaiser 4 is set to ship this May.